Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day 4: Vomit

Okay, I know the title for todays post is rather crass, but this has been a theme today not only in my creative endeavors but also in my domestic life. We got a new puppy yesterday who barfed here and there after eating the cats food, and as if that weren't enough I went around cleaning up a few barf spots left by the cat during the night. How does vomit play into my crafting you may be wondering??? A valid question for sure. My friends sister is pregnant with twins and I am making some things for the babies. Todays project was "burp cloths", which is a pleasant way of saying vomit rags.
I found the cutest array of pink and brown fabrics and managed to make 6 of them in 2 hours!! I was impressed with myself I must admit.

After making these I had to walk away from the craft zone for fear of overdose. Picked up my daughter, went to the fabric store, the grocery store, and finally another night of school. Home again I feel the familiar pull toward the zone and I decide to make a headband out of some great trim I picked up at the store. It is a black and white sequin trim hand sewn onto a long black velvet ribbon.

A busy but productive day. Now onto reading the book I just got on the right way to raise a puppy...

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