Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day 10: Getting my hands dirty

I needed a little break from the sewing machine and I promised my daughters school that I would make a plant arrangement bowl thing for their annual Christmas fundraiser boutique. So, off to Home Depot to pick up some plants and soil.

Came home and decided that a plain pot was not good enough, it needs a little something. I picked up some burlap at a thrift store a while back for a paltry $.20. Fired up the glue gun (insert a vrooming motorcycle noise here) and glued the burlap to the pot.

The bottom of the pot has several drainage holes which are giant. Since I don't want soil coming out of the bottom constantly I put small stones over the holes to allow for drainage but not too much of it.  I grabbed a Christmas bow that I saved from one of last years lovely packages and tied it around the pot. Now its time to get my hands dirty.


I wanted to go with a Christmas theme so I chose red, white and green plants. The flowers are small now but will be blooming more abundantly in the near future.

This was my first attempt above. I didn't like the way it looked, too messy and the plants cover the bow so I took a couple of plants out of my own garden and put them in the pot.

The final arrangement conjures up images of an English garden retreat.  My miniature version for placement next to your favorite rocking chair where you sit every morning with your cup of tea as you ponder how your day will unfold.

 I sent it off to school and hope that someone else will like it enough to buy it!!

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