Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day 20: Busy Day!

Today's goal was to get my crafting zone organized and ready to accommodate my "new" free piece of furniture.  I realized the other day that it was time to create a central area where crafty type items can be easily found.  Typically if anyone needs ribbon or glue sticks they come to me and I go find the items.  I may have some ribbon on a shelf or in a bag tucked away in the garage or maybe in a drawer somewhere.  This is a very inefficient way of doing things and I need to steam line.  First thing this morning I got started on the project and was done by noon.  Here is my crafting area along with the "new" furniture, which I use for fabric and notions.

Once the crafting area was organized it allowed for my crafting chi energy to flow freely.   I decided to work with this 1967 vintage pattern that I got at a thrift store.  
I have a new iphone app courtesy of my girls. You can switch peoples faces, it is very funny.  Hannah put my face on the girl in pink.
I was rather amused by this warning on the back of the pattern:

I wasn't down with making a robe, but I thought it would make for a cute jacket.  I had some denim fabric and a ton of flannel for lining to make it nice and warm.

Sleeve was different, called for a pleat.
Early stages.  Looks plain and large.

Sewed loops for button holes.  Much easier than sewn in button holes!

Sewing the collar in.  It is a mandarin collar.

I have hundreds of buttons.  Found 6 colorful vintage buttons for the jacket.

I didn't like the hem I made, it was just turned in and stitched.  I added bias tape to give it a finished look.

All done and ready to wear!

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