Saturday, November 6, 2010

Day 12: Day of the Dead

My day started off with making some "healthy" pancakes for Hannah and I.  She stayed home from school with a cold, poor baby.  She requested pancakes and all I had available was oatmeal pancake mix.  My kids get so annoyed with all of the flax, bran, and whole grains I try to sneak in their food.  This time there was no masking it.
The pancakes were pretty bad.  We needed a lot of syrup to get them down.  Some things will just have to be enjoyed in their originally intended formulation, so we will stick to bisquick for our pancake needs.

Lately I can't seem to stop myself from making baby stuff, sewing for babies is just so easy and fun! I promise that the next thing I create will have nothing to do with babies  Todays creation is inspired by Dia de la Muerte fabric.  I absolutely love Mexican folk art and in particular the skeletons that are featured in Dia de la Muerte art.
While at Target I browsed the Halloween isle where everything was 75% off.  I bought the witch bib for $.37 so I can use it as a template for my bibs.  The design is so simple.

Rather than satin stitching around this, I used another kind of stitch (I don't know the name) to make it a little edgy-er than your run of the mill satin stitched applique.
 So there it is!  A little burp cloth and bib for the hipster baby who likes to drool in style.

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