Sunday, November 7, 2010

Day 14: Ransom Art

Inspired by blank canvases and a large bottle of mod podge I started looking around my house and garage for what to do with the two.  I thought maybe some cool pop art images or some groovy vintage ads out of one of my old magazines.  I started thumbing through the magazines and was drawn to certain words and tore them off the pages and set them aside.  Before too long I realized that I was creating ransom art.
I tried a few different combinations of words before I decided this my favorite.

Time for Mod Podge.

I really like my Ransom Art and think that you will see more in the future.

The artful life is being earnest inside.
Passion glowing,
you create the most satisfying
extraordinary life.
Be more inside.
Reinvent your delightful self.
Enjoy the magic, the world awaits.

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