Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Day 22: All about the hair

I don't know what these are but they sure are interesting and pretty.
I had so much fun in the city of angels yesterday that I had to go back today.  I wanted to venture into places that I didn't see yesterday.  I parked near the Flower mart, which is a giant warehouse of amazing flowers that are available to wholesalers.  I didn't make a purchase because I knew the flowers wouldn't do well sitting in my warm car.  It was enough to simply walk through and marvel and the sights and smells.

Black calla lilies. Stunning!

Back out into the streets looking for crafty things!
Shops are even set up in alley ways.
Same alley as shops, just looking a little closer at the artwork.

I went into the toy district in search of headbands and craft flowers.  After looking in a few shops I hit the jackpot and found exactly what I was looking for.  I loaded up on headbands and headed to the next store.  The smell of bacon wrapped hot dogs filled the air and I was getting a bit hungry.  It was lunch time so I went to Phillipe's for one of their famous beef dip sandwiches.  It was delicious!

Headed home to get crackin' on my projects!

Todays creations were all about hair accessories. I was inspired by this blog posting and wanted to make some accessories myself.  I have so many ideas for headbands and clips it was hard to decide where to start.  

I made a bunch of headbands for little girls.

I made some clips too.

This one is so cute!  It is attached to an alligator clip.

Love this fascinator that I made!

The fascinator was made from some feather trim I got downtown and a rosette I made from a strip of beautiful burgundy and black fabric.  The fabric is from a thrift store of course.  :)


Perhaps my favorite creation tonight is this bridal headband made from a stunning rhinestone trim and stretchy velvet ribbon.  I hand stitched the ribbon to the ends of the trim and created a simple, elegant bridal headband.

So pretty!
Would you believe that I made more hair accessories?!  I did, but won't overwhelm you with hair stuff tonight.  I don't want to wear out my welcome.
I am tired, off to bed and to think about what I may create tomorrow.  I think this recipe will be at the top of the list.


  1. Great job on those headbands! I get burned out after doing just one. My favorites are the feathered fascinator and the glittery bridal one. Two completely different look, both great!

  2. Thanks Kim! I know what you mean, I am not good with assembly line kind of sewing/crafting. I like to make something once or twice and walk away from it for a bit.
    I did have fun getting creative with the fascinator and headband. I have so many pieces of vintage jewelry that I want to incorporate into hair accessories.
    Thanks for commenting!