Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day 16: Something New

Last week I went into the city with my guy to do some last minute things before he took off for Taiwan. We stopped at a photography store in Hollywood to check out some paper.

I was drawn to a display of different colored fabrics with images.

Since I didn't feel like sewing today I decided to give this project a try.

The images are placed on top of the fabric and put in the sun for a few minutes, and magically (well, it's magic to me!) the image appears on the fabric.  The possibilities are so fun to imagine!  I was excited to get started on this one.  I looked around the house and decided on the starfish and some sprigs of cats tail from a plant in my yard.  I know, not the most interesting choice.  I have 23 more squares of the fabric, I have some opportunities to redeem myself.  According to the directions you can put a picture negative on the fabric in the sun to transfer the image.  I will have to try that next.  

Of course after setting them out in the sun the clouds rolled in.

After a good rinse set it out to dry.

Well, at least it works.  Now I need to work on better designs and finding something to do with my finished product.  I was thinking of adorning big pillows with the squares.  Or, if I can get a theme of images going maybe I can make a groovy quilt. 

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