Thursday, November 4, 2010

Day 11: Cowboy Up

I am so excited!!  The little I Love Grandma outfit I made the other day has been sold!  I have an etsy shop ( where I sell things that I have made and I even have a part of the shop where my 13 year old daughter, Hannah, sells her own creations.  This is my first sale and I feel proud that I've made something that someone else enjoys enough to purchase.  I must admit though, I feel like I want to remake it.  I am a bit of a perfectionist with some things and want to make sure that what I send out of my shop needs to be perfect!  I am going to remake the headband, I think it needs to be softer and stretchier (stretchy-er?) for a babies head.
Anyhow, I need to make some cute little things for boys.  The fabric that inspired me was this super cute cowboy fabric.

I tried cutting out a few different western themed shapes and they didn't turn out so well.  Hat, horseshoe, steer horns, seems the boot was as far as my applique making skills can go.
I satin stitched around the perimeter.

I made matching diaper covers.  For a girl we would call these bloomers, but for a boy, hmmmmm... maybe fitted boxers would be a better descriptor.  
Now time to make the casing for the elastic waistband

For the girls outfit I made a headband so for the boy I decided a coordinating bib would be a bit more appropriate.

All done!

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