Monday, November 15, 2010

Day 21: I love L.A.!

I have been wanting to go check out the fabrics and notions down in LA's fashion district for months, and today was the day.  I have been to the clothing shops there a few times and was impressed with the prices.  I have seen the fabric shops and have yet to venture in.  Mostly because my kids have been with me and I know they would have not been too excited at the thought of looking at bolts and bolts of fabric.  

I found some cheap parking, $5. for the whole day, perfect!  Parked the car and tossed my keys to the attendant.  Right across the street was Azi Payless, which is a notion and trim shop.  I must have said oh my, at least 5 times as I was overwhelmed with the amount of trim, ribbons, and sequined things he had in there.  There were some amazing bead places too, but I am not proficient in making things with beads so I really didn't venture in those places.  But seeing all of the rhinestones and crystals made me wish I were a jewelry maker, or at least a be-dazzler!

This is what I was interested in!  There are probably close to 100 shops like this one, and they are willing to make deals.

I bought some ultra- soft milky dot fabric for a steal!  It was much cheaper than Joanne's fabrics.  I realized that my days at Joanne's are numbered!  I bought 4 different colors of the milky dot fabric.

This shop is Michael Levine's.  Probably the most popular fabric store in downtown.  They had so many choices I could hardly contain my excitement!  There were some fabrics in a glass case for $35. a yard, too rich for my blood.  I did get some tulle and cute cotton prints that were on sale.  
I was kind of rushed in that I had to get home to fulfill my role as a mom, darn it!  I think I may go back tomorrow!!
Back home and so inspired by everything I saw. Today's project was simple and used some of the fabric that I bought today.

This fabric is so soft and a beautiful shade of red.

I made a receiving blanket using this red fabric and some pirate fabric I purchased a few weeks ago.

So easy.  Just sewed the two fabrics right sides together then turned right side out and edge stitched around.

So cute!

                              I had some left over pirate fabric so I made a matching burp cloth.

Since this only took about an hour, I made another blanket and burp cloth out of the lavender fabric I bought.

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