Monday, November 1, 2010

Day 8: Halloween!

I am a tad late in posting this one, as today is the day after Halloween. After putting the finishing touches on her costume, Hannah headed to her Dad's house for trick or treating. When she came back to me at 10pm, she was already in her pajama's. So the picture I have is of her costume on the hangar. :(

Hannah loves the Native American culture and their clothing, pottery and beadwork. So it was only natural for her to seize the opportunity to dress as a Native American girl.

I closed the back up with velcro because I really hate putting zippers in. I always seem to mess them up. Turns out Hannah didn't care for the velcro so I took it out and we cut little holes along the back and laced some soft leather string through the holes and tied a bow at the top to keep it closed.

After that I needed some nutrition to power through the rest of the costume.

Originally this is what Hannah's costume looked like. She politely told me that it was way plainer than any costumes she saw at the store, to which we both agreed should not be the case since I can sew and embellish. So, we changed the bottom and added some ribbon and fringe.

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