Saturday, November 6, 2010

Day 13: Drowning my sorrows in Mod Podge

 My guy left today for Taiwan and I won't see him for 6 weeks!! He is working on a film that Ang Lee is directing. What's a girl to do?! Pour a glass of wine and crack open the mod podge.  I can think of few other alternatives.
Inspired by luminaries made by Cathie Fillian, I am attempting to make some of my own.
Cathie made beautiful luminaries using posters from a movie that my guy and her husband produced and directed.  The colors on the posters are vibrant and have a nice balance of dark and light.
I thought old sheet music would look beautiful on a luminary as the yellowing of the pages would let off a warm glow.  I finally found sheet music with nice graphics at a thrift store.
Not as bright as I had hoped.
I also made a Christmas luminary with scrapbook paper.  The paper is a cream color with gold glitter snowflakes.
This one has a nice glow. 
I was on a roll so I made this cute smaller luminary using greeting cards I picked up at a thrift store.  Of course I got them from a thrift store!  Can you tell I love thrift stores?!

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