Monday, November 8, 2010

Day 15: Fleece for Fall

I am back in front of my sewing machine today.  I made fleece scarves with some college fleece that I bought awhile ago.  Todays inspiration comes after watching my daughter's dance/cheer team perform yesterday at her school's holiday fund raiser.  The coach is a UCLA alumni and he used to be the mascot.  I wanted to a.) use the fabric that has been sitting around for well over a year, and b.) express my gratitude to him for a job well done.
Since the fabric was a little stale I had to rewash it.
I must have bought 2 yards, I have a ton of it!

I made a couple without fringe and a couple with fringe.  I liked the fringed scarves better, they were a little less boring than the no fringe scarves.

I was on a roll and ended up making 6 of them with all of the fabric I had and would you believe I did that in about an hour?!?  I am going to give coach two scarves and the other ones are going in my etsy shop to sell.

I was very excited today to get the hipstamatic app for my iphone.  The pictures turn out so cool!

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  1. Most groovy! Next, you need to make USC versions.