Sunday, November 21, 2010

Day 24: Moo-Moo Remix

I have enjoyed following the new dress a day blog so much that I decided to try repurposing a thrift store dress myself.  If you have never seen the blog you should check it out.  The author buys dresses at a thrift store from the $1 bin and transforms them into something more stylish.

 Here is the moo-moo that I picked up at the thrift store yesterday.  It has a very Mrs. Roper feel to it.

It was so large that I decided to make two different pieces, a blouse for me and a skirt for my daughter.  I also had enough fabric to make a sash belt and a rosette for a hair clip.
Let the deconstruction begin.

For the skirt, I wanted to make it simple with a gathered waistband.  I read earlier in the week about how easy shirring is, so I thought I'd give it a try.  Shirring is when you load the bobbin with elastic thread and create gathers as you sew.

I hemmed the skirt and voila!!!

The bracelet is from a thrift store too.  I know, I am out of control!

I originally tried making a pull over blouse but couldn't get it right.  Had to undo my first stitching.

 I decided that this blouse would be best as a wrap around. 
  I really like wrap style blouses like this one from Anthropologie. 

Here it is!  It's not perfect but I had fun making it.  


  1. Wow, super cute! I love that Dress a Day blog, it's one of my favorites. I think your skirt AND your top turned out amazing!!! I have been meaning to buy a hideous outfit at the thrift store for quite some time, I just haven't had time (i.e. I need to go without the kids, lol). You're really inspired me, I'll have to try and make the time.

  2. Thanks Sara! I love that you say,"I have been meaning to buy a hideous outfit at the thrift store for quite some time". We are truly sew-sisters, cuz the same thought went through my mind! The uglier, the better! Makes for a fun challenge.
    I know what you mean, it is hard to do any serious digging at thrift stores when kids are in tow. The fact that you have time for sewing and blogging with two young ones is pretty cool.
    Good luck with your hideous outfit search!

  3. love love love this...wanna come to my house and repurpose clothing for me???

    have a great week!!!


  4. Oh WOW! Just came across your blog through Monica's and you are Amazing!
    Your daily creation....what a great idea! You did wonders to that dress...and turned it into something amazing!!!!

    Glad to meet you. I'll be back to see more of what you create:)

  5. Ha, Monica! That sounds like fun!

    Dawn, I am so happy you made your way over to my blog. I appreciate the compliment on my work with the Mrs. Roper moo-moo.

    Hope you all have a great holiday!