Monday, November 22, 2010

Day 25: Cozy Day

The first real autumn storm rolled into Southern California this weekend and I was looking forward to the cold, wet weather.  I also had the weekend to myself, woo-hoo!!  I went to a local scrap booking store to learn more about paper crafting.  I have not really done any paper crafting and I want to learn a bit more about it.  There were some beautiful examples in the shop, but I felt a little overwhelmed.  I ended up buying an over-priced magazine because it had some really cute projects and instructions included. 

Located conveniently next door to the scrap booking store is a great local bar/restaurant called The Press.  With a chill in the air, a great magazine in hand, and a rumble in my belly I headed over to The Press.  
I ordered some chili and my favorite locally brewed beer, California Black Beer by Dale Brothers.

After my lunch and leafing through the magazine, I headed home ready to get a fire going and make something new.

Since I wanted to relax downstairs by the fire with the TV on I had to work on something that didn't require a sewing machine or an ironing board.  So, I brought some felt and thread downstairs.  
I tried making different felt flowers but they looked goofy, so I started on a project inspired by one in the magazine. 

 It is a personalized felt hair clip.

I started by cutting a rectangle of felt then with a sharpie wrote Mallory's name.  I embroidered over the sharpie, then added some embellishment.

I also decided to add some holiday cheer to these little mittens I got for $1. at JoAnn's Fabrics.


  1. Your magazine looks good! I haven't seen that one yet. I wish I had a good scrapbooking store nearby. Maybe when I head back to MI, I'll be able to hit up Archiver's.

    Cute hairclip and mittens! I sat on the couch with the tv and made yo-yo's for little girls socks...oh my did they turn out cute! When I get back from vacation, I will post pictures.

    Have a great night!

  2. Thanks Kim. The magazine is actually an old one, it is the June/July issue. I have never seen that publication before so I didn't mind that it wasn't "fresh", it was all new to me!
    Can't wait to see the yo-yo's. Sometimes it's nice to just sit down and keep busy without having to put a lot of thought or effort into it.
    Have a great Thanksgiving week!


  3. Cute mittens! I've never heard of that magazine, is it good? Does it have sewing projects in there too, or just scrapbooking?

  4. Sara, the magazine is pretty good. There are a couple of sewing projects in it, but mostly paper crafts. Honestly, it wasn't worth the hefty $15. sticker price. But I was carried away in the moment when I bought it. :)