Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Day 26: The good, the bad, and the ugly

I'll start with the good.  
Hannah and I did a little shopping at Target and when we returned she showed me how fashionable a Target bag can be.  Who would've thought a grocery bag could double as a water resistant tank top!?!  

The shirt begged for a coordinating skirt.

She decided that this outfit was perfect for puppy washing.  I agree.

Still under "the good" category, I cracked open this great book I bought over the summer.  Hannah requested that I make a lunch bag for her, the picture is on the bottom right corner of the book cover.

We are now transitioning into "the bad".  Although, it's more annoying than bad.  The book comes with pattern pieces tucked neatly into a little envelope. I pulled out the pattern paper and unfurled it.

 The pages are giant and could easily cover a queen sized bed, which means there is no way, once folded back up, that they will ever fit back into the envelope in the book.

Time to load the bobbin with thread.  I have done this a thousand times before.  I can do it with my eyes closed, or, at least looking out my window at the rain falling.  Apparently I should have been watching the bobbin, because I loaded the metal stem beneath the bobbin with thread.  Oops.

The lunch bag is quilted, so I put some warm and natural between my two fabric pieces, quilted the layers, and cut the pattern pieces.

I had a lot of trouble with the instructions in the book.  They really weren't written very well and were a little confusing at times.  I had to ditch the book's instructions and just construct it the way I thought it should go together. 

This is where we transition into "the ugly".
The bag was way too big for just a lunch.  She could actually carry lunch for herself and several friends in this bad boy.  I think it is a combination of too small seam allowances with deviating from the instructions.  
Pocket on the back side.  I put a pen in to give perspective.

It looks okay in the picture, I know.  But that is after putting it in several different positions and picking the best of all the pictures I took of it. 

Hannah and I decided it would be her bag for knitting supplies.  The kind of bag you keep stuffed in a closet.

Oh well.  Can't win 'em all!


  1. Well a nice try anyway and the next one is sure to be the right size! Cute bag though.

  2. The good thing about a bag is you will always have a use for it! You could really turn it into a knitting bag by adding a sleeve on the inside to hold the needles, the back pocket on the back looks perfect for a pair of scissors, or stitch markers :)